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Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre

Municipal sports and recreation centre manages and administers seven objects:
The town’s stadium in 7  3 Maja St.
The Multipurpose (Sports & Shows) Hall

The indoor swimming pool in 60B  17 Stycznia St.
The outdoor swimming pool on Kraszewskiego St.
The “Krubin” bathing beach
The “Olimpijski” Hotel and Restaurant
The skating rink on 17 Stycznia St

Town's Stadium

The object is located in the historic part of the town and is  surrounded by old trees. It was constructed in the 1960s. It occupies the total area of 7 hectares. The facility encompasses: an office building with technical back-up facilities, a football pitch, 400-metre track, seats for 2,000 spectators, an asphalt handball pitch, a complex of side pitches used for conducting sports classes, and tennis courts. Because of the quality of the facilities and the professionalism of the staff, the Polish Football Association has chosen the object as a back-up facility for the youth teams.

Multipurpose (Sports & Shows) Hall

The Hall is a multidisciplinary object with the cubature of 31,764m3. The sports arena with the dimensions 48m x 27m is the main part of the facility. With its professional game equipment and 543 seats, it is the most important part of the object.

  • Basketball – full-size court with professional, overrunning baskets (certified by FIBA).
  • Full-size handball pitch.
  • Full-size netball pitch with professional game equipment.

The surface of the hall is made of high-quality elastic parquet. It is possible to divide the main hall into 3 smaller pitches, 25m x 17m each. The sections can be used for netball and basketball trainings.
On the ground floor of the hall, there are three storerooms, six locker rooms with showers for at leas 25 people each, a gym, and offices. On the first floor, there are three conference rooms, a fitness centre with locker rooms, showers, and a bar.

Indoor Swimming Pool (60B 17 Stycznia St.)

The indoor swimming pool in Ciechanów is a multi-task public facility. In the basement, apart from the machinery, there are recreational facilities, such as a gym and a training hall. On the ground floor, there are main swimming pool facilities, with 284 seats for the spectators, locker rooms, showers, back-up facilities, and staff rooms. The services available on the ground floor include: sunbeds, hair and beauty, a sports shop, health-foods shop. On the first floor, there are offices, a cafe, and a conference room.

The pool hall is the main part of the building. The main pool is 25m long and 15m wide, with depth raging from 1.6m to 1.8m. The side pool, with hydro-massage and geysers, is 15m long and 8m wide, with depth ranging from 0.75m to 1.10m. Children find a 77-metre-high water-slide and hydro-massage bath especially interesting. The sports pool has got an official certification, allowing it to host international swimming contests.
The swimming pool was launched in 1998. Among the conveniences, the electronic customer service is worth mentioning. The swimming pool is open every day from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm. The lifeguards from the Volunteer Lifeguards Association take care of the safety of users. The opening of the facility has significantly enriched the recreational offer of Ciechanów. Each year, the Town’s Sports and Recreation Centre in Ciechanów conducts swimming instruction classes for students of primary schools (grades 1 – 3). The most gifted swimmers can perfect their swimming skills and styles in a swimming club “Orka”. The swimming pool is also appreciated by hotel guests.

Putdoor Swiming Pool

The outdoor pool is located near the indoor one, on Kraszewskiego St. It consists of two pools. The first - 50-metre long, and the second, recreational one, - 15-metre long. The facility is equipped with a water-purification devices, technical back-up facilities, and an area with beach-ball and tennis courts.

“Krubin” Bathing Beach

The facility is located in the distance of 3km from the centre and has got marked areas for both children and adults. The complex includes a beach ball pitch and harbour with water equipment. It has also got sanitary facilities, and (during the summer) a bar. The beach is a place of leisure of Ciechanów families during weekends.

“Olimpijski” Hotel and Restaurant

The hotel is located in the sports complex on 17 Stycznia St. and was opened in 1993. It occupies the total area of 2,500m2 and has got 56 rooms for 100 guests:

  • single rooms – 22,
  • double rooms – 22,
  • three-person rooms – 5,
  • four-person rooms – 2,
  • high-standard rooms – 4,
  • rooms for the disabled – 1.

The hotel restaurant is able to host 70 guests at a time. The hotel guests, apart from a rich recreational offer (swimming pool, sauna, sunbeds, massage, gym, tennis courts, hairdresser’s), have got the possibility to use the two conference rooms. The place is accessible for the disables. The hotel staff consists of professionals who are able to speak various foreign languages. The target client group of the hotel includes sports groups and companies which organize meetings and conferences for their staff. The services provided by the hotel include: catering, integrative meetings, balls, and concerts.

Ireneusz Paliński Sports Centre (8 Kraszewskiego St.)

The object is located in the area of a sports-and-recreation complex, near the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and the “Olimpijski” Hotel. It is equipped with training facilities, locker rooms, showers, biological regeneration centre, and a sports hall for strength sports. It is possible to organize national and European championships in weightlifting. It has got access for the disabled. The cubature of the building is 10,200m2, with usable area of 1,800m2. It has 250 seats for the spectators.

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